1. To which destinations does World Airways fly?
    World 's fleet are US certified part 121 carriers, and have charter authority to fly all over the world. Our distinctive product mix enables the flexibility to travel both short-haul domestic flights as well as long-haul international flights, offering our customers the most feasible options for their unique requirements.
  2. Can I make a reservation on a World Airways charter flight?
    World does not accept reservations or sell individual tickets. Our aircraft are for the exclusive use of tour operators or corporations, which have chartered the entire aircraft.
  3. What is the difference between a charter airline and scheduled airline?
    A charter airline operates flights by contracting with one entity to provide specific air transportation for a group of passengers. The chartered determines when and where the group travels. A scheduled airline has set flights on set dates and tickets are open for public purchase.

    A Public charter allows the client to make tickets available to the general public, and control the selling aspect of their product. Private charters normally transport large groups of passengers, for example footballs teams - and are restricted from marketing the sale of tickets to individual passengers.
  4. Will we still have to go through the airport security screening if we are chartering a flight?
    Security screening is under the jurisdiction of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Passengers on charter flights must adhere to the same TSA requirements for all flights operating within or to and from the United States. The TSA may be contacted at www.tsa.gov for any questions.
  5. How do I make my seat selection?
    Seat assignments are not made by World. To make a request or find your seat assignment, please contact your charter coordinator or tour operator.
  6. What do I do if my bag is delayed, lost or damaged?
    World is committed to ensuring that customers and their luggage arrive at the final destination simultaneously. However, some instances do occur that result in the loss or delay of a customer's bags. All delayed, lost or damaged luggage issues will be promptly handled by World Airways.
    World Airways Customer Service Department at +1 (770) 632.8161, custserv@woa.com.
  7. Can I check my luggage from a scheduled carrier through to a World charter flight?
    World cannot check baggage for you on other airlines. We operate a charter airline and do not participate in the interline baggage agreements provided at most airport facilities. If you are arriving at your World flight from another airline or connecting to another airline from a World flight, you will need to claim your bag and re-check your bag with that respective carrier.
  8. If I have a special need how can I make necessary accommodations?
    For assistance with special needs you will need to contact the World travel partner that provided your reservation.
  9. What documents do I need to travel?
    For US citizens, a Valid US Passport is required for International travel. Persons born outside of the US should contact their local consulate or embassy before they travel for exact citizenship requirements
  10. How can I find out if my flight is operating on time?
    If traveling on World Airways as part of a Leisure Travel Package purchased by one of our company's travel industry partners, you will need check with this partner. If you have a correct flight number you may find current departure and arrival times for flights in the US at airport websites or sites like www.flightaware.com
  11. What is APIS?
    Every air carrier, foreign and domestic, operating a passenger flight flying to or from the United States must electronically transmit to United States Customs a passenger and crew manifest containing specific passenger information.

    APIS (Advance Passenger Information System) is an automated system capable of performing database queries on air passengers traveling from the United States to a foreign country or to the United States from a foreign country. U.S. Customs, in cooperation with the U.S. Immigrations and Naturalization Service (INS) and the airline industry, initiated the development of APIS to collect information from air passengers prior to departure.

    The following information is required of every passenger on the aircraft:
    1. Name as it appears on passport
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Passport Number
    4. Country of Issue
    5. Gender

    Note: When asked, please "enable macros" on this worksheet in order for the information to be in the correct format. Once you have opened the worksheet refer to the instruction tab for the proper procedure to input and forward your passenger APIS information to World Airways.

    Once the passenger information is received by World Airways the APIS information will be transmitted to the necessary authorities.

    Please click here to open the spreadsheet, which must be completed and transmitted to World Airways to meet these requirements.

    If you have any questions regarding the APIS procedures, please call the World Airways Sales Department at 770-632-8173.
  12. How do I apply for Non-Revenue and Jump Seat travel?
    To apply for Non-Revenue or Jump Seat travel please complete this form, read and agree to the terms and conditions, and submit it to the Non-Rev/Jump Seat and APIS Travel Desk that will handle your request.

    For additional information or in case of questions, please contact the Non-Rev/Jump Seat and APIS Travel Desk:

    O: (800) 274.3601 ext. 8232 or +1 (770) 632.8232

    F: (800) 274.3601 ext. 8026 or +1 (770) 632.8026

    E: nonrevapis@woa.com