1. Where does the passenger fleet of World Airways operate?
    World's fleet operates on a worldwide basis. Our distinctive product mix enables the flexibility to travel both short-haul domestic flights as well as long-haul international flights, offering our customers the most feasible options for their unique requirements.
  2. What is the difference between a public and private passenger charter?
    Public charters allow the customer to make tickets available to the general public, and control the selling aspect of their product. Private charters normally transport large groups of passengers, for example football teams - and are restricted from marketing the sale of tickets to individual passengers.
  3. What is the difference between an ACMI and a "wet lease"?
    The term "ACMI" is a contract status with parameters that include the Aircraft, Crew (pilots and flight attendants), Maintenance (engine upkeep, etc.), and the Insurance required by law to operate a charter.

    The term "wet lease" refers to a contractual agreement that is typically utilized between airlines during peak traffic seasons, annual heavy maintenance checks, or to initiate new routes. Wet lease contracts normally last for an extended period of time, whereas one-time charters or charters that operate for a short duration are termed "ad hoc."
  4. What types of aircraft are in the passenger fleet of World Airways?
    World Airlines operates a fleet of 9 passenger aircraft.
  5. Do charter flight passengers go through airport security screening?
    Security screening falls under the jurisdiction of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Passengers traveling on charter flights must adhere to the same TSA requirements applied to all flight operating within or to/from the United States. The TSA may be contacted at www.tsa.gov for any questions.
  6. What information is necessary to provide to World in order to develop a quote for passenger air travel?
    In order to generate a quote, our sales staff must receive specific information about your travel entity, such as: dates of travel, departure and destination locations, number of passengers, and the nature of your movement. The requestor must also clarify if there are any special or unusual requirements for the charter. You can make a quote request through our Passenger Charter Quote Form
  7. How soon can I expect quote request information?
    You will receive our quote within 48 hours from the time you submitted your request.