Charter Flight Services

World Airways has been an industry leader in providing safe and reliable, long range, specialized cargo and passenger air transportation solutions for over 60 years. We've provided world-class charter airfare to clients such as the U.S. Air Force, major international airlines and freight forwarders, international leisure tour operators, international cargo carriers and cruise ship companies.

Size of Charter Aircraft

We operate wide-body, long-range MD11, and B747 aircraft under two types of fixed-rate contracts - ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) and Full Service. Under both types of contracts, the customer bears the responsibility for filling the aircraft's passenger and cargo capacity.

Charter Flight Costs

Full service charter flight prices include fuel, airport ramp and (if applicable) passenger service, and standard operational permits.

For passenger charter requests please use our Charter Flight Request Form for a complete quote.

For cargo wet lease and cargo charter inquiries, please contact our Cargo Sales Team

We provide customized cargo and passenger solutions worldwide, for example: