1. Does the cargo fleet of World Airways operate worldwide?
    World's cargo aircraft - also called "freighters" - have the range for non-stop flights worldwide.
  2. What types of aircraft are in the cargo fleet of World Airways?
    World's cargo fleet includes four B747-400F and nine MD11F aircraft.
  3. How are aircraft leased for cargo purposes from World Airways?
    Cargo leasing is similar to passenger leasing. The popular leases are ACMI wet lease (lengthy duration) or ad hoc (single or few flights).
  4. What information is necessary to provide to World Airways to develop a quote for cargo services?
    In order to generate a quote, our sales staff must receive specific information about your travel entity, such as: dates of operation, departure and destination locations, payload (weight) requirements and the nature of your movement. The requestor must also clarify if there are any special or unusual requirements for the cargo charter. The turnaround time for a cargo quote is approximately 48 hours. For more information, please contact Cargo Sales